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We finally have a date! At least… for the e-book. 🙂 We plan to launch TANGLED as an e-book first on 12/18, with the print version sometime early next year. And we have the final back cover blurb. Thanks for … Continue reading

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J-Willy’s KDP Select Experiment – 3rd (and final) Two-Day Promotion Report (May)

First off, I know my website is in dire need of an extreme makeover. I’m not the best website interior designer, so the black, white, and blood-red fonts may put a hurtin’ on your eyeballs. I apologize if this blog … Continue reading

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What The *@#$ You Mean You Didn’t Love My Book?

DONE! Got the manuscript in hand, polished and “spit-shined!” Your new Masterpiece is ready for liftoff in Amazon’s virtual rocket boosters! And the cover? Three words—per-fec-tion! You can’t wait for the world to experience the thrill of reading it as … Continue reading

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