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Beast Mode in 2015!

January 11, 2015

Me in 2015! Yeah, I know, I know. I’ve pretty much abandoned this website, cobwebs and dust all over the place. I posted my last blog in what, June? Pitiful. In my defense, I started a new school semester, and since I’m a few cards short of a full deck, I took on 9 units […]

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Author James W. Lewis a Nominee in Global eBook Awards

March 21, 2014

For Immediate Release . . . March 03, 2014 – Award-winning novelist James W. Lewis’ controversial anthology, “Black People Can’t Be Republican And Other Hot Button Topics In the African American Community,” has been nominated for best short story collection in the 2014 Global eBook Awards. About the book: In the eyes of many, an […]

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50 Reasons Why My Debut Novel Sold 10,000 Copies! (PT 2)

June 5, 2013

Continued from Before Launch: After Launch (pocket burning) 18. Soft launch: We built demand for SELLOUT at a gradual pace. Of course, we informed family, friends, and associates in our mailing lists, but we kicked off the soft launch in June 2010 at a book conference in Atlanta. However, the official launch was July, where […]

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And The Book Cover Winner is…

November 9, 2012

Book Blurb: In the eyes of many, an African American commits the ultimate act of betrayal if he or she dares to express conservative beliefs. Ironically, those before us fought for African Americans to simply vote, not be handcuffed to one particular party. Still, because approximately ninety percent (90%) of African Americans are registered Democrats, […]

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J-Willy’s KDP Select Experiment – 2nd Two-Day Promotion Report (April)

May 1, 2012

J-Willy’s KDP Select Experiment … take 2… On 2/20, I enrolled Slow Your Prose: 25 Tips On How New Authors Can Improve Their Craft in KDP Select, my first ebook in the program. On 3/15, I had the first two-day free promotion, arguably the best feature of the program. Once I compiled the results, I […]

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The KDP Select News

February 8, 2012

EXTRA, EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! If you’re an indie author like me, you’ve probably been going back and forth on whether or not to use Amazon’s KDP Select. You maybe even searched the Internet for as much information you can on it, scouring blogs, discussion groups, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It can get time-consuming trying to […]

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It’s the End of Publishing As We Know It … And We Feel Fine

October 17, 2011

Written by Omar Luqmaan-Harris. Published on my company website The Pantheon Collective. 10/12/2011 Over the past 24 months or so, the publishing industry has been doing a lot of talking about a singular topic – does the growth of e-books mean the death of traditional publishing? Well last year all the pundits kept saying that […]

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