***COCKTALES are shorter forms of my writing, either free or no more than $2.99***

BLACK PEOPLE CAN’T BE REPUBLICAN (Available now!) – Black People Can’t Be Republican is a collection of short stories based in Anytown, USA that explores viewpoints from various angles in a debate format—not only about political party affiliations, but other hot-button topics common in the community, such as the N-word, homosexuality, “thick” versus “fat”, and sagging pants..

WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS (Available now!) Peek inside the mind of a married man battling his conscience while wrestling with the prospect of infidelity during a one-night layover in Las Vegas, America’s adult playground.

EXCERPT I freeze. The sista descends a small set of stairs with another female while holding a glass. My head turns 45-degrees, eyes shifting down. Definition: Thick…

OPEN HOUSE (Available now!) Open House is a short story about doing what it takes to spice up a marriage lacking that spark–even if it means the possibility of jail time if caught. Make everywhere else your bedroom.

PREMATURE ERADICATION (Available now!)Premature Eradication is a two-part suspense series that has a unique spin on the age-old tale of a woman scorned, and a man unknowingly chosen to endure the greatest of all nightmares. As the saying goes, “when a woman’s fed up, there ain’t nothin’ you can do about it” … except run.


SLOW YOUR PROSE! 25 TIPS ON HOW NEW AUTHORS CAN IMPROVE THEIR CRAFT (Available now!)New writers often worry more about how to sell their book vice writing a polished story in the first place. They have the pedal pressed to the floor when they shouldn’t have gotten in the ride at all, sorta speak. In “Slow Your Prose: 25 Tips On How New Authors Can Improve Their Craft,” we go back to the basics.

AGONY OF DA FEET (FREE!) – Mens’ feet tend to look like the face of a UFC fighter–to’ up. No, not torn up. “To’ up from the flo’ up.”

Pampering feet is a right of passage for women only. That goes for manicures and spas, too. Real men don’t do “beauty” overhauls such as pedicures. At least that’s what you might believe. Imagine somebody like John Rambo getting foot work. Not pretty.

THE CUT UP (Available now!) – Sometimes a wife can remain calm, cool, and collected–even when catching her husband in bed with a young girl over half his age. One possible response? Invite the bold bitch to dinner! That could’ve happened, bu t Eve chooses another route…
TWO MINUTE DRILL (Available now!) – Men sometimes exaggerate super-human do-it-until-the-sun-comes-up sexual process. In reality, however, for most males–approximately 75%, according to a recent medical study–the “party” ends within two minutes.

MR. TELEPHONE MAN, WHO THE #$@* IS ON MY WOMAN’S LINE? (Available now!) – A three-month trip to Seattle is small b eans for a young sailor and his girlfriend, considering its short distance from San Diego. The time away only makes the relationship stronger, right? At least, that was the plan … until the sailor called her home and a man answered. Damn.

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