Ish Got Real. Tangled is Official!

As I sit here looking at my third novel Tangled finally up on Amazon (days before Christmas, at that)—feeling proud, thrilled, nervous, and relieved—I still can’t believe it’s been six years since I carried this strange mix of emotions.

I was on a roll back then—Sellout in 2010, A Hard Man is Good to Find in 2011, a published article in a national fitness magazine—then… nothing. Full stop. Life and school slowed me way down, hijacking all of my time.

I went from junior college to graduate school within that six-year period, from writing for pleasure to writing essays for grades. After receiving my degree, I went through the headaches of updating my resume/cover letter and applying for jobs, hoping to start my career in exercise physiology. Luckily, I landed two great positions, and with the job situation resolved, it was time to scratch that itch again and jump back into writing novels.

I’m not the type of author that likes to write in a box; I love a variety of genres, and I believe my different tastes reflect in my writing. But Tangled veers right a bit, where most of the characters lean toward the dark side. Disturbed, even, like the kind of person that will smile in your face, then stab you between the shoulder blades for money. Plus, I delve into a few touchy subjects with elements of suspense and mystery, so I was a little concerned about how readers would react.

Inspiration for my novels come up in strange ways. While in the military, I witnessed all kinds of deviant behaviors from people you’d least expect, turning into mini soap operas that begged to be told somehow. I’m also a sucker for those random headlines and videos that show up in my Facebook feed, describing something ratchet and wild that was committed against a friend, lover, or family member. I can never resist clicking, and I was curious: Could I craft a story that was as jaw-dropping as some of the stuff I’d read in a headline or seen on video?

Tangled is a gripping psychological suspense about the high school reunion from hell. We are offering Tangled for the low price of $3.99 for a limited time, so you want to get your hands on this book as soon as you can! 😉 The print version will be available in January 2018. You can find it at this link:

Thank you in advance for checking it out and looking forward to reading your feedback! #gettangled

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