And the Winner is…

With over 100 votes on my website and social media, voters have chosen Pic 2 as the best cover for TANGLED! Now, time for round two of votes (see below). Need your help again! 🙂

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Blurb #1

High school sweethearts Gerald and Lisa Durston attend the Monte Clara High ten-year reunion, branded as the epic party of the year. On a night perfect for rekindling lifelong friendships and reminiscing over the teenage years, someone has plotted something way more sinister. 

To drum up interest in the reunion, a mystery person wears the high school mascot mask and posts comedic videos on social media, calling him or herself “Blue Devil.” Anticipation builds, and attendance numbers grow higher than any high school reunion in Monte Clara history. Everything starts off as fun and games—until the Blue Devil’s identity is revealed.  

TANGLED is a suspense novel about high school nostalgia clashing with a burning desire for revenge. Many of the attendees wear masks, but when faced with exposed dark secrets, what happens when the masks come off?

Blurb #2

Welcome to the Monte Clara High Class of 2005 Reunion. Home of the Blue Devils.

Someone will cheat with an old flame. Someone might reveal a gruesome, dark secret.

And someone just might die.

TANGLED is a suspense novel about high school nostalgia clashing with a burning desire for revenge. At this year’s epic party, everyone is wearing a mask, but who will get the last laugh? 


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