TANGLED Book Covers! Need Your Votes!

We need your votes for my upcoming novel TANGLED! After reading the back cover blurb, which one do you feel fits the story best? Don’t forgot to sign up on the mailing list below!

By the way, the TPC3 has given out goodies to readers on our mailing lists in the past, from free books, to $$$, to a friggin’ Kindle.  I’m just sayin’. 😉

Back Cover Blurb:

Welcome to the Monte Clara High Class of 2005 Reunion. Home of the Blue Devils.

Someone will cheat with an old flame. Someone might reveal a gruesome, dark secret.

And someone just might die.

TANGLED is a twisty tale about what happens when high school nostalgia clashes with a burning desire for revenge. At this year’s epic party, everyone is wearing a mask, but only one will get the last laugh.

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