It’s summer and TPC finds itself on the book grind once again after a looooooong hiatus!

The ol’ motor in the TPC machine has cranked up, back to writing bomb-azz books, out-the-box promotion, and finding readers. It feels good to slap on my author hat, just in time for the release of my latest novel TANGLED, scheduled to launch this fall.


We still have some work to do before the big debut, but we’re punching our way forward. Steph is finishing up her edits, Omar is crafting a marketing plan, and we’re in the process of choosing a cover (stay tuned — we’re gonna need your help with that!). It’s been a minute since the TPC3 dropped a book, but you know what? It wasn’t that hard getting back into the groove; it’s just like riding a bike.

But, I admit I’m a bit nervous about this one, considering it’s been six years since my last novel (I blame graduate school!). It’s not like writing, publishing, and marketing books in 2017 will mimic our efforts in 2011, either.

I’m somewhat of a scatterbrained writer, too, unbound by any particular genre. My method is simple: A crazy idea pops up out of nowhere and a potential plot assembles on its own. Then if the storyline grows legs and makes enough noise in my head, I structure an outline and write until it doesn’t make sense to write anymore–all the while hoping I crafted a tale that readers will not only enjoy, but will tell their friends about, maybe share on social media.

Fortunately, those hopes came true with my two novels SELLOUT and A HARD MAN IS GOOD TO FIND. But my latest baby TANGLED–a twisty tale about high school nostalgia clashing with a burning desire for revenge–has a darker, dare I say, “sinister” tone. I’m not sure how the reader will react (either like “whaaaaat” or “what the f**k, James?”). Although the story also has elements of romance–where a teenage crush may blossom into a fairytale kind of love–it also touches on a messy topic, one that many of us have little experience with, or flat out ignore. The more I researched true-life stories related to this topic, the deeper my belief that people do this type of jacked up sh*t all the time.

What “topic,” you ask? Well, sign up on the TANGLED mailing list so you can be one of the first to find out. We have a few goodies planned for TANGLED, so stay tuned…

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