Beast Mode in 2015!

Me in 2015!

Yeah, I know, I know. I’ve pretty much abandoned this website, cobwebs and dust all over the place. I posted my last blog in what, June? Pitiful. In my defense, I started a new school semester, and since I’m a few cards short of a full deck, I took on 9 units (3 classes). That may not sound like much, but with graduate level classes, my schedule entailed a buttload of reading and writing. I had to write two final papers, about 20 pages each in APA format, based on a topic of my chose (I wrote about physical activity and its effect on post traumatic stress disorder in combat veterans for both classes). That meant hours of researching scientific literature, reading said literature, writing the papers, editing, APA formatting–yeah. Oh, by the way, I still had to finish homework and study for exams (one class had 4 exams, the most since high school). Sh*t was no joke. Oh oh! Not to mention my dumb butt took TWO physiology classes. The dearth of human body material made me want to gouge out my eyeballs, grab an ice pick and stab my skull through the empty eye sockets. I was…

Oh, sorry about that visual. You, uh, get the point.

But you wanna know what’s crazy? Through the mayhem, I wrote more of my latest work-in-progress Tangled Web than I did in the lazy summer. How? By the time I started the semester, I had finally finished revising the novel outline (which I had struggled with for months). And since I formed a habit of writing with my iPhone in the digital notepad–I wrote this entire blog with my index finger, like a boss–I took full advantage of breaks everywhere. You’d be amazed how much you can write during a jam-packed schedule with a cellphone–while standing in line (waiting to order something, grocery store line, etc), sitting in a lobby, during TV commercials, in the car (not driving, of course), while exercising using Siri, before bed, when nature calls, etc.

As a result, I wrote (and still write) almost everyday, at least 5 times a week, sometimes pumping out 500 words or more. As of this writing, I’m at around 42,000 words and hope to complete Tangled Web before late January.

You know what that means, right? That means I’m ready to go back in the game, coach. Been too long, way too long (my last TPC-published novel was in 2011!). Book promotion, more social media engagement, author interviews, advertising, book conferences/fairs–yezzir. In 2015, I’m going beast mode, Marshawn Lynch-style. That includes revamping this website, weekly blogs (at least until I publish Tangled Web), contests, and a chance for YOU to publish AND get paid for your work in an upcoming anthology (I believe writers should receive compensation with dollar signs). Stay tuned.

In the meantime… HAPPY (LATE) ┬áNEW YEAR!

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