Back in the Game!

From the The Pantheon Collective site:

Daily rigors of a busy life have funny ways of keeping us from doing the things we are most passionate about. The TPC3 can attest to that.

Oh, it’s been a while, so let me re-introduce the “TPC3”: Stephanie Casher, James W. Lewis (me), and Omar Luqmaan-Harris. Nice to meet you. Again. 🙂

Around this time four years ago, we were spitting out blogs like bullets from three AK-47s, reporting the real-time, behind-the-scenes processes of our first book Sellout months before its debut. But four books later, that high octane tank dropped to “E.” Simply put, we needed a break. Sure, we still promoted our books, “social mediacated” through Facebook and Twitter, and conducted the necessary in-house business practices, but that fire behind the blogs—and even for our own individual works-in-progress—died down. Life changes leaked the air out of the well-worn tires of the TPC3, so we couldn’t get our roll on with the same intensity of four years ago.

The passion never really dies, though. It just slows down sometimes.

But now? Well, let’s just say we have a brand new set of tires, rotated and balanced, baby. Ready to fire up again, starting with this blog. Or is it “turnt up?” Whatever – both of ’em.

Last year, my life fired off into all kinds of new directions. I went from undergrad studies in the spring to the graduate level in the fall, which dumped a fresh batch of stress in my life. On top of that, personal training sessions and fitness boot camp classes increased, so by the end of each workday, my body and brain cells are beat down. Hell, even my old Mitsubishi Eclipse—a ride I had for 14 years—kicked the bucket, so I splurged on a Nissan Altima as a graduation present. But as 2013 came to a close, I celebrated the holidays with my family, including a new grand-niece, finished my first semester of grad school and … wait for it … got hitched! Yup. Capped off 2013 by tying the knot with the pretty little lady in the pictures with Omar and I. With a wife as my business partner, preparing the taxes will be interesting.

Those life changes were behind my own burnout, too. But like I said, the passion never dies, and although I wasn’t writing everyday (and still not), I found a unique way of banging out my latest novel Tangled Web by using my iPhone’s notepad and sometimes, SiRi. Hell, I wrote at least half of the novel with my thumb! I hope to drop my third child on ya’ll by the end of the summer, if I don’t jack up my thumb, of course.

And yet, amid the chaos among the three of us, we still managed to cook up our first collabo entitled F.A.T.E.: From Authors to Entrepreneurs, the true-to-life rendition of the six months it took to prepare Sellout, written in different chapters from the unique perspectives of the author (yours truly), the editor (Stephanie) and marketing expert (Omar). You want to know what it’s really like to write, edit, re-write, proofread, typeset, promote, upload, order, print, ship, and prepare for a book launch in a city we’d never been in before under a tight deadline—all while trying not to rip out each others’ throats? Then F.A.T.E is definitely the book for you.

But while my book is still in the pre-teen stages, Stephanie’s book The Space Between, the sequel to her award-winning novel When Love Isn’t Enough, is nearly full-grown, dressed, and ready to go at the start of the summer. I’ll let her tell you all about that. 🙂

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