NaNo and F.A.T.E In Our Own Hands

Earlier this month, I hopped onboard the NaNo bandwagon, hoping to jump-start my latest novel TANGLED WEB. So far, I’ve … oh, if you don’t know, NaNo is short for National Novel Writing Month, an initiative where thousands of writers pump themselves up to write their novels in November. The goal is at least 50,000 words before November 30th.

The good news is I’ve been writing more, especially since so many other writers are “NaNo-ized,” which inspires me to light a fire under these fingers so I can blaze the keyboard like my fellow scribes. And yet, The bad news is my daily word count. Pathetic. Paltry. Sucky. I probably average 250 words a day–way below the recommended 1700 word count, which by November 30th, at that rate would put you well over the 50,000-word mark. But, damn, I’ll be happy with half at 25,000 words. And I started this journey with a ” credit” of 7,279 words, so I really only need about 18,000 more. Definitely doable. If I don’t reach 25,000 words, I suck monkey balls.

You’re a writer, James! Kick your ass in gear!

Well, at least I wrote this blog at 3a.m. That’s what real writers do, stay up deep into the AM hours, fighting sleep at the desk. Sleep always wins. I’m nodding off right now, but dang it I’m pushing through it.

On another note, our first book collaboration–“our” includes me, Stephanie Casher, and Omar Luqmaan-Harris, my business partners–will drop (hopefully) in early December. It’s called F.A.T.E: FROM AUTHORS TO ENTREPRENEURS and it details our journey as a small business, from the first seed planted for a new publishing company, to the launch of our debut novel SELLOUT. Learn about my brief stint as a rapper. Stephanie cussing me out during one of our power summits. Omar’s concern about the first marketing plan. The doubts, the fights, good, bad, ugly–its all in there. You’ll be reading our diary, like an author version of a reality show behind the scenes, from December 2009 to the present.

If you want to know about the up’s and down’s of starting a publishing business while trying to launch a book under a strict six-month deadline–from the point-of-views of the debut author (me), editor (Stephanie), and marketing expert (Omar)–this book is for you. We have our defined roles, but during the initial stages of The Pantheon Collective,  best believe we changed business hats as often as underwear.

How would you like a FREE e-copy of F.A.T.E when it launches? Just email to get on our mailing list and we’ll shoot one to ya! 🙂 In the meantime, November 30th is fast-approaching, so I need to jump back on the NaNo bandwagon before it leaves me behind.

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