The Hustle Continues…

I admit, I haven’t been the greatest at posting blogs. I looked at my website today and was like,”Dang, I haven’t written a blog in a while. I should let everyone know what’s going on with J Willy!”

The skinny: Since my last blog, I started graduate school at SJSU, working on a Masters in Exercise Physiology (kicking my ass sumn’ proper, too). I’m also working two jobs as a personal trainer and boot camp instructor, helping a variety of people reach their fitness and health goals. It’s all hard work, but I’m lovin’ it! Check out my personal trainer bio here.

Considering the to-do’s on my daily schedule have mashed and cut into my free time, I now take advantage of portable technology to squeeze in blogs and chapters for my work-in-progress Tangled Web whenever I can get it in. That means while standing in line at Subway for a 12-inch cold cut sandwich, eating said sandwich in the food court, waiting on my car for an oil change, walking to and from classes, waiting on a client, etc. For these short spaces of extra time, I’ve introduced a new habit: Writing via my iPhone’s notepad. Smart phone texting is like a 21st century typewriter on-the-go, perfectly designed for hustle-and-bustle people like me. I’m five chapters into my new novel and at least 60% of it came solely from my thumb and an itty-bitty touchscreen. Works for me, but it’s not for everyone. And I’m sure I’m slowly working my way toward some type of thumb-related carpel tunnel, so I try to scale back a bit, but hell, I typed this entire blog with one thumb! Pretty impressive, huh?

If graduate studies, two jobs, and a new novel isn’t enough, my partners and I are finishing up our first collaboration entitled F.A.T.E: From Authors To Entrepreneurs, our memoir-ish look at publishing our first novel Sellout, spoken from the point-of-view of the editor (Stephanie Casher), marketer (Qwantu Amaru), and author (me!). I think people will enjoy  reading what happened behind the scenes prior to book launch (from January 2010 and beyond). The good, the bad, the ugly–it’s all in there. Like a VH1 reality show in a book.

I hope to finish Tangled Web before the end of the year, but that’s ambitious as hell. I have homework, constant readings, F.A.T.E to edit, projects to finish, exams to study for, exercise routines to design … sheesh. It’s going to be a rough semester.

But on another note…

My second novel A Hard Man is Good To Find is approaching 10,000 sales! Only have 300 to go! Last week, I held a BookBub promotion and it more than delivered. I sold nearly 1,000 copies in two days (yeah, for real. Authors, you need to get up on the BookBub train!). But will it reach 10,000 before the end of the year as its sister Sellout? Hell, the real question is will I pass my classes and finish F.A.T.E while maintaining two freakin’ jobs? Need to keep my head above water. We shall see. Stay tuned…

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