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If you’re an indie author like me, you’ve probably been going back and forth on whether or not to use Amazon’s KDP Select. You maybe even searched the Internet for as much information you can on it, scouring blogs, discussion groups, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It can get time-consuming trying to find the latest info, so I made it a little easier for you!  🙂

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As you probably know, there’s all kinds of debates and discussions about Amazon’s apparent quest to dominate the publishing industry–especially with their 90-day exclusivity clause (meaning you can’t sell the book anywhere for 90 days, even you’re on website)–but how does KDP Select affect authors like you and me? With a newsletter I started called The KDP Select News, I hope the up-to-date articles will give you the tools you need to make a sound decision. The newsletter will be updated daily. This is the newsletter for you if you have questions like:

What are the consequences of removing my books from other distribution channels to sell exclusively for 90 days on Amazon? Should I add my book to the program? What are others saying about it? Will it increase my Amazon ranking? Is it a good idea to give my book away for free? What are other writers’ experiences so far? Will my KDP Select books increase or decrease sales of my other books? What genres are readers borrowing the most from?

KDP Select is barely two months old, so it’s still in its “toddler” stage. That means people have tons of questions and are trying to figure it out. I know, I have questions, too, so guess what? I’m taking the plunge. I can’t sit around looking at the playground and watching other kids play. I need to get in the game, too!

To give me a better analysis of how the program will work for me, I plan to enroll THREE ebooks from my backlist in different genres–Nonfiction, Contemporary Fiction, and Thriller/Mystery. I will also write a weekly blog during the 90-day period to outline my successes and failures, starting on 2/27/2012. Note: I’m only removing one book from other distribution channels, only because it’s my weakest seller (the non-fiction one).

Can’t wait to see what happens!

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