It’s 2012 … And We’re Still Here????

Wait … maybe I’m too early. Isn’t the apocalypse slated for December 21st of this year, according to the Mayan calendar? I think so. But … didn’t some oddball preacher tell us to pack it up, pack it in on October 21st, 2011? Shoot, I remember people anticipating Mother Earth kicking the bucket on December 31st, 1999.

Man, I don’t know. I be so confused. Well, until then, I’ll go about my business as normal. On that note…

Happy New Year!

Yeah, I know I’m a week late, but 2012 is still in its diapers. And I plan to do my part to get this year “potty trained” with a few authorpreneur to-do’s (yeah, I know that didn’t make much sense to you, but somehow it did to me!). Here’s what I got:

Writing goals

–       Write 10,000 words a month until I finish my latest novel TANGLED WEB

–       Work on a SELLOUT sequel (?)

–       Post a new “cocktale” at least every two months

–       Submit more articles to magazines/websites/newsletters for publication

–       Finish my ebook “Barbershop Talk,” a collection of fictional stories about debates common in the black community

Marketing / Promotion

–       Get 100 Amazon reviews for SELLOUT (now at 74); 60 for A HARD MAN (now at 37)

–       By year’s old, have total sales of 5,000 copies for A HARD MAN and 8,000 for SELLOUT

–       Continue to promote other TPC books WHEN LOVE ISN’T ENOUGH and ONE BLOOD

–       Booksigning somewhere every three months

–       Invest more in ads to promote each book (something I didn’t do much of in 2011)

The Pantheon Collective (TPC)

–       Work on the TPC Independent Publishing Plan reference manual for publication

–       Attend the 2012 Black Writers Reunion not only as an exhibitor, but as a workshop presenter 🙂

–       Expand the Author Services division

–       Publish a book by someone named other than Qwantu, Stephanie or James

Sounds like some lofty goals, huh? I think they are, and achievable. But I need to get to it. As of today, I only have 356 days left. 🙂

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