Cocktale of the Week: The Cut Up


Sometimes a wife can remain calm, cool, and collected–even when catching her husband in bed with a young girl over half his age. One possible response? Invite the bold bitch to dinner!

That was one possible reaction of civility, but Eve quickly decides another route. Really, there’s no need to overact upon seeing a young girl in her bed with the man she’s loved for over twenty years. Sometimes, a butcher knife is all you need to remedy any situation.


Oh my god,” Derrick whispered.

Eve didn’t speak. A radar-like stare locked on the woman who dared invade her home, bedroom, and fidelity. She looked no more than twenty years old.

Derrick pushed himself off her and sat naked on the bedside. His beer belly slightly concealed his rock hard penis. He wore no condom.

“Baby … I-I can explain!” he pleaded, trying to reach out to Eve. The young woman gripped a pillow against her breasts, her eyes swiveling as if scanning the room for an exit. She inched toward the other end of the bed.

Eve looked down at Derrick’s pathetic face with an expressionless stare, ignoring Derrick’s inaudible pleas. She brushed a hand across her forehead and then exhaled a short breath.

“Wooo,” Eve sighed, “you guys scared me for a second! Chile, I thought you were one of my high school students! I didn’t recognize you at first, but now I remember you talking to my husband at the mall a few weeks ago. He told me you were a co-worker. Shoo, am I relieved!”

Derrick tilted his head sideways and gazed with a look of canine confusion. The young woman lay with her back against the headboard. Strands of hair stuck to her cheeks and lines crumpled her forehead.

“You’re a pretty young thing, too!” Eve said with a grin. “I love your hair! Where do you get it done? Let me know who does your hair after you finish, all right?”

Derrick still didn’t budge, only moving his head toward the young woman with eyes that yearned for answers. She shrugged, then shook her head. A slight grin creased her pink lips.

Derrick turned back to Eve. “Baby,” he said, daring to sound concerned, “everything all right?”

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