“Damn it feels good…

to see people up on it.” – Vapors by Biz Markie,1987

Thought I was gonna say “to be a gangsta,” huh? Aww, you gotta be old school to know a little sumn’ sumn’ about the Vapors! Naw, I’m not talking about being a gangsta, although I feel like it sometimes. 🙂 In this case, the “people up on it” are three of the models on my book SELLOUT. In short, they are doin’ the damn thang! I love to see go-getters shootin’ for the stars, just doin’ it hard. Go hard or go home, I say. I’m Facebook friends with each one–EbRu, Tribble, and Deborah–and I can tell you, they’re going hard.

Like I said in my blog “Do You. Get Up. Got Get it. It’s That Simple. Word,” they ain’t holdin’ nothing back, chasing that bone we call “passion” until the wheels fall off. I love it! Check them out:

Cover of SELLOUT

EbRu Keskin and her video “Do Me

Deborah O Ayorinde in “Necessary Roughness

Tribble Reese on the new show “Sweet Home Alabama

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