EVENT RECAP: National Black Book Festival

From the TPC website…

A couple of weeks ago the TPC3 convened in Houston, Texas to attend the National Black Book Festival. It was a weekend of firsts — the first in person Power Summit of the TPC3 in 2011; Stephanie Casher’s first book signing since she released her novel WHEN LOVE ISN’T ENOUGH; and the official launch of TPC’s third release, A HARD MAN IS GOOD TO FIND.

But the primary motivation for attending the Festival was so that we could all be present to see James receive his first major recognition as a published author — 2011’s Best New Author Award for his debut novel SELLOUT. Yup, that’s right, J-Willy’s star is on the rise!

We’ve worked so hard to establish ourselves as legit publishers and put out quality books, and we were all bursting with pride when we found out James had been selected to receive this honor. What a fitting end to a whirlwind first year as publishers. And now to have published our third book in just 16 months? The Power of Three is turning out to be more potent than we ever imagined.

All in all, it was a weekend full of hustling, networking, and celebrating. There are so many great authors out there chasing their dreams, and it is always inspiring to be around fellow artists, sharing that kinship and expanding our web. And of course the real joy is in meeting the fans, the die hard readers and book lovers who provide the fuel for our little book-making machine. So thanks to everyone once again for the support, and stay tuned — the TPC3 are just getting started!

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