Sophomore Slump? I Freakin’ Hope Not!

I’m sure you’ve heard of the sophomore slump. No matter the creative expression (singing, rapping, acting) I imagine every artist worries about it, especially as the days draw nearer to that “highly anticipated” second effort. 

Authors are no different. So people loved your first book, but a year later, it’s time to slide the firstborn to the side and shine the spot light on the newborn. And that’s where the anxiety starts. Oh, man. So many expectations, so much pressure—pressure coming from fans and the artist. It’s hard not to swamp your head with questions like “will people enjoy my second book” or “is it as good as the first?”

To be blunt, I freakin’ hope so.

That’s the boat I’m in now. I hope I can set sail, but I sometimes worry my new “boat” A HARD MAN IS GOOD TO FIND will run aground. Or worse, capsize and sink. 

To be blunt, I freakin’ hope not.

My biggest worry lies in how different the books are. Well, there are some similarities, but SELLOUT has a serious PG-13 tone; A HARD MAN has more slapstick X-rated comedy action goin’ on. It’s definitely the fast food version of the two. Is there a problem to veer off track somewhat? And am I alienating my fan base?

We will see soon. 

TPC set the bar high with SELLOUT. Hell, we couldn’t predict how people would respond to the book; we just felt we had a great product people would enjoy. Luckily, that’s what happened—the number of five-star reviews can attest to that. We’ve even won a few awards along the way (4 and counting, including winner of the African American Fiction category for one contest). And the cherry on top? Winning the Best New Author Award from the National Black Book Festival!

It’s only fitting TPC debuts A HARD MAN at the festival … on June 12th at 1:00 in Houston where I will have a special meet-and-greet for my award (can I drop a more obvious hint?). That’s almost a year to the day when I dropped SELLOUT in Atlanta, and the love was immediate, not just for SELLOUT, but for the TPC3. 

Can A HARD MAN get the same love? To be blunt … well, I think you already know.

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2 Responses to Sophomore Slump? I Freakin’ Hope Not!

  1. Evelyn Palfrey says:

    I predict your second book will be even better received than the first. You have your sealegs now!

  2. Chanta Rand says:

    Yes, there is definitely pressure for the sophomore debut to be as good as the freshman debut – especially if you had such great success with the first one. But if you did it once, you can do it again. You got skillz baby. You ain’t no one-hit wonder! Congratulations on the new release. I LOVE the title.

    Chanta Rand
    Author of The Highest Bidder
    Author of Dirty Laundry

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