PT 2: And the Winner Is…


Doesn’t the smile say it all? This has been a memorable week for J-Weezy. One for the ages, I tell ya. How so, you ask? Well, not only did SELLOUT receive a Global Ebook Award nomination, I won the 2011 Best New Author Award for the upcoming National Black Book Festival! Whatever happy dance you can conjure up in the ol’ noggin–Running Man, Roger Rabbit, Cabbage Patch–I was doin’ them.  🙂 Not only are they flying me out to Houston, I will have a special meet-and-greet Sunday, June 12th at 1pm (uh, in case you’re interested, hint, hint). Several judges, including book club presidents, voted me as the #1 candidate for this award, so J-Willy is feeling pretty damn good about it, I must say!

Guess what else? SELLOUT is on the shelves of Marcus Bookstore in San Francisco, a popular haven for African American authors (they recently sponsored a booksigning for Terry McMillan). That’s not all, folks! If  you’re a student at CSU Monterey Bay, you can find SELLOUT on the store shelves there, too! Oh wait – the good news don’t stop! A local newspaper will interview my partner Stephanie Casher and I about our indie publisher The Pantheon Collective! We will get a special feature in May, seen by thousands of people in the Bay Area! Oh, and did I mention SELLOUT is one of the top-selling Kindles on Amazon?

Hell, I feel like doing the Running Man again right about now. I think I will.

Yessir, it was a good week. Hope  this jumps off some mo’ cool stuff for the summer because, you and I know, the hustle neva ends!   🙂

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