Do You. Get Up. Go Get It. It’s That Simple. Word.

Yes, I have A.D.D.  No way around it. I have come to that conclusion.  In addition to the meaning you already know, A.D.D. also stands for “Always Daydreaming, Damn!”

My brain stays on overdrive, which is a good and bad thing. Good because it makes me focus on what I want; bad because sometimes that’s ALL I focus on (whatever “that” is at the moment). All those itty-bitty cerebral molecules laserbeam up and around my cranium 24-7, formulating ideas, graphics, words, characters–like some Japanese anime movie on steroids.

Good thing I have an outlet for my “brainerisms”  (well, several).  My passions drive me, so I go after them. Now, I’m not trying to get Tony Robbins on you, but I think we all should sit back, let the brainerisms do their thing, and ask “What do I really like to do?” Once you figure it out, go get it! To me, it’s that simple. Learn as much as you can about what “it” is. I love fitness, so I’m working on a degree in Kinesiology. I love writing, so I write and publish books.  I also love to mix music, so I learned to get all Funkmaster Flex on the turntables. See the pics below, the three things I absolutely love to do–and I’m doin’ ’em (take it easy on my Slim Jim DJ pic, circa ’89!)  It’s a beautiful thing to get up, go after, then realize “it” is within reach. In other words, just do the damn thang!

I know, a little corny, but oh well. Sometimes corny is all you need (birthday cards are corny, but we love ’em!) And you know what? I have no freakin’ idea why I started this blog to be quite honest. Maybe I wish people would stop wasting their talents. Or maybe I hope to inspire people as many have inspired me. Oh, I think I know.  I think I just want people to know it simply feels good to go after what you want, so why not try it?   🙂 Dig that idea outta the back of your brain, throw it to the forefront, and let’s get it in 2011!

I know I am. Word.

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