New Magazine Kraze! Check it Out!

Just when I thought a magazine I had been working with since the beginning was DOA, I got out-of-the-blue news yesterday that shocked me big time. Not only did Kraze Magazine make its official debut, they made me the FIRST KRAZE MAN OF THE MONTH in their premiere issue! Shirt off and everything, making a brotha look like a caramel beefcake. Ha! I was like, “daaaaamn” when  I saw myself! In the picture, I’m smiling all hard like…well…like I found out I had a feature in a magazine! LOL

And nooo, that’s not me on the cover, but I can’t lie–I come damn close.  😉

But that’s not all. They also published my article “I’m the Boss, Woman!” in the Men Talk section!

I love me some surprises, boy. Yezzir.

What is Kraze about, you ask? Well, here’s what the website says: “KRAZE is the premiere magazine for urban women seeking entertainment & info on men, female sexuality, sex & relationships. Kraze is for the uninhibited, independent female who is daring and self-assured.” Would that be you?

Hey, would you like to read my article? I have the actual page from the magazine where you can find my article right here! Here ya go!

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