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As Biggie once said, “It was all a dream…”

That was the case in Jan 2010, this whole book business thing. From imagination to motivation to creation, the three of us jumpstarted our hoopty with the little engine in it and hit the road to publication. Despite the bumps and potholes we anticipated (and ran into), we fully believed we could build upon and mesh what little we knew about independent publishing, then morph our dreams into something we could hold in our hot little hands. So many routes to take, a thick to-do list, deadlines to meet…a freakin’ whirlwind. On top of day jobs and school, most of 2010 became a crazy psychedelic haze. Some days, I was like, “man, can we do this up in here?”

But I’m proud to say, we did do it. All goals met (yay!). Edited two manuscripts. Published Sellout. Established online presence. Became an LLC. Attended conferences. Sold books. Published When Love Isn’t Enough. Sold more books. Got great reviews. Then during the holiday season, chillaxed.

As Steph says, we are soooo official. Word.

And we couldn’t have done it without you! Yeah, we burned all kinds of fuel trying to get our company in order, but blood, sweat, and tears doesn’t guarantee someone will separate from their hard-earned money for an unproven product–and publisher. I must say, though, the response to TPC has been phenomenal. Since we debuted Sellout, Amazon reviews have steadied in the four and five-star range. As the author, of course I’m all geeked out. Eight book clubs made Sellout book of the month. And I have four more book club meet-and-greets this January, so 2011 ain’t lookin’ half-bad.

With the debut of When Love Isn’t Enough during the holidays, we’re off to a great start with our second “child” as well. When Love Isn’t Enough taps a whole new market because of its tragic love story theme, so the opportunities are endless. I say again, endless. That’s where the “No limits” in our TPC tagline comes in.

So thank you! Thank you for buying our books. Thank you for greeting us at conferences. Thank you for friending us on Facebook. Thank you for supporting the TPC3.

But we’re in a new year now. 2011! Just as we embarked on a new path last year, we plan to fertilize a new crop of ideas that include three more books and an Author Services division (for editing, typesetting, query letters, etc). The train’s still choo-choo’n down the track, and the TPC3 will add a few new chapters–which will hopefully include you. 🙂

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