When Hustlin’ Isn’t Enough

Last Friday, I got my strip on. Let it all hang out.

Naw, not that kind of strip. I’m talkin’ ’bout the Vegas strip, bay-bee! Sin city! Luxor. Circus Circus. Strip joints, sun-down-to-sun-up clubs, a black Elvis standing near the big ass lion in front of the MGM Grand–Vegas! Where the best-kept naughty secrets are made every hour of any given Vegas day. What happens in Vegas, stays…shoot, you already know what’s up.

But it wasn’t all fun and play. The TPC3 got together for the 8th power summit, in-person and without the weekly Gmail webcam meet-ups. We knocked our heads together, mostly in preparation for Stephanie Casher’s shine in the spotlight. Time for SELLOUT to step aside for the new sheriff in town, one called WHEN LOVE ISN’T ENOUGH, her debut novel.

Yup. It’s her turn. Almost five months after we debuted mine.

We fired up the to-do’s, similar to SELLOUT–but better equipped with a long list of lessons learned. As TPC’s first author, I’ve experienced (and still experiencing) the kind of pride and joy a father feels when seeing his baby walk, say “da-da” and smile for the first time. That’s what SELLOUT has done for me. I hope WHEN LOVE ISN’T ENOUGH does the same for her. I know it will.

But I didn’t sleep on SELLOUT. Hustlas like me can’t. I set up a meeting with two book club presidents while in Vegas. As much as writing is a part of me, now so is hustling books. I just can’t get enough of it, and I will be hustling her book, too, just as she’s done for me. And I admit, it will be nice to have another author under the Pantheon umbrella walking the same walk with me. 🙂

Nov 20 – When Love Isn’t Enough

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