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September 2010

Let’s CHAT!

September 28, 2010

As always, I’m trying something new a-gain!   It never ends.  I recently added a chat feature so I can interact more with different people, specifically to rap about writing, fitness (my other passion) and readers of SELLOUT. We can network, share resources, tips, ups, downs and the “all-arounds” of writing and fitness. Here’s how it’s going down: All […]

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Introducing Romance Author Missy Lyons

September 25, 2010

This weekend I’m hosting Romance Author Missy Lyons as my first Guest Blogger!   It’s an honor, so I’ll just step back and let her have the stage: I’ve been slacking lately, please forgive me and thank you James for having me today to guest blog on your blog! I should have had this written […]

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Q & A with Tammy McDonald from SELLOUT

September 18, 2010

Today, I’ve done something a little…different. I brought Tammy McDonald to life, one of the main characters of SELLOUT. We do our first up-close-and-personal Q&A session. As a professional black woman, she shares a few thoughts on black men in today’s world. No need for trivial bios—the book expounds on that—we jump right into the […]

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Come join the tour!

September 17, 2010

How far can we stretch a virtual chain? I know what we can do up in here: How about we connect ten strong individual links from different locations, right? Then maybe devise a literary network, each link unique yet supporting each other, forming  a chain that stretches to various parts of the blogosphere? Sounds like […]

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WTF is SELLOUT about?

September 5, 2010

You may look at the cover of SELLOUT and either say, “hmmm, this looks interesting” ; or cringe and say, “oh, I don’t know if I want to touch this one.” A black man embracing a white woman; a black woman standing in front of a white man; and the words SELLOUT in large orange […]

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