Check Out My First Radio Interview!

Man! Promoting SELLOUT is in high gear! Expos, conferences, bookclubs, interviews, pitching, face time, Facebook, websites, blogs–I’m trying to get knee-deep in it all. Fo’ real. And I’m have a freakin’ blast!

But you know what? Being a salesman is no joke. Yeah, I sometimes think I’m a smooth, suave kinda guy–got a few slick skills with the tongue–but to be a great salesman, that’s a whole new level of “swagness.”

J Willy is getting there.

The more I talk to people about SELLOUT and who I am, the more comfortable I get. Feels pretty good!

Although I still need improvement on my approach (pitching, telling my story, etc), I think I show my comfort level in my first on-air interview with Marcel from Hot 96.3 in Atlanta! Check it out here and please tell me what you think!

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