Birth of The Pantheon Collective

Too many no-thank-you’s came to this.

After seven years, two agents, and umpteen rejections from publishers, I decided to listen to fate and try another route to book publication. It just wasn’t in the cards for a brotha, so I seized a new opportunity.

I found it in my partners Stephanie Casher and Poet Qwantu Amaru. Together, we created The Pantheon Collective (TPC), a new venture for publishing our work and eventually, other authors. Do the damn thing ourselves. Screw the big dogs. We can do this “ish” together.

That destiny includes the launch of my debut novel Sellout in July. I’m still editing this book, so it’s nowhere near ready. The pressure’s on. Man, it’s on.

In our blogs, we will detail the ups and downs of starting the business, the “dirty dirty”–interpersonal conflicts, financial obstacles, logistical issues, deadlines, burnout–all of it. This way, you can see what it’s really like to start a business with other people. We hope you learn from us and avoid some of our eventual mistakes. We’re intelligent people, but TPC is bound for roadblocks. We either have to climb over them, walk around them, or bust through those mofos.

But I won’t just rant about TPC. Oh no. I’m a man of many interests and if you looked at the banner, you’ll know what I’m talking about. So, I plan to talk about all kinds of ish because I have a lot of ish to say.

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