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February 2010

The 38-Year-Old College Sophomore

February 26, 2010

I thought everyone knew Rodney King. This particular woman didn’t, and it irked me. How can you not know the man whose beatdown sparked one of the deadliest riots in the country? Was she asleep when they showed the video 89 trillion times? But I’d forgotten something: The young woman who said, “huh? Whose that” […]

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Birth of The Pantheon Collective

February 15, 2010

Too many no-thank-you’s came to this. After seven years, two agents, and umpteen rejections from publishers, I decided to listen to fate and try another route to book publication. It just wasn’t in the cards for a brotha, so I seized a new opportunity. I found it in my partners Stephanie Casher and Poet Qwantu […]

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