Tryna get my muse on!

Damn, it’s been a minute since I posted here. Ever since Myspace took er’ body hostage, I, along with a billion other people, migrated over there. The Dark Side. The hostage taker, hook-up maker.

But it’s all right, though. I decided to come back, maybe use this blog like a web diary or somethin’. Talk about this writing thing, prolly, like how a brotha tryna get his muse back.

Speaking of that…

The last year or so, I hadn’t been connecting with the right side of my brain much, downloading ideas through my fingers the way I used to. Had other things going on, serious issues I need not explain–and not any of them dealing with writing. Actually, much of it stripped away my motivation somewhat.

Don’t get me wrong – I wrote…a little.

Worked on my manuscript here and there, pumped out a few paragraphs and what not. Even wrote an article. But I didn’t have those daily wee-hour marathons, handcuffed to my chair, molesting the keyboard, eyes damn near taped to the monitor. Guess I lost my “litbido.”

But not anymore. With a plane ticket to New York for the upcoming Book Expo and
an opportunity to meet writers knee-deep in the game, the inspiration
has returned from a long hiatus. A writer friend pumps out a chapter a night, which
also lit a fuse to my muse. Got my litbido back, pumped up on “writeagra.”

Oh, yeah. You ready for some of dis, baby?

Yeah. My hands be stroking the keyboard, tapping its buttons, hitting it…sometimes soft…sometimes hard…for hours. Can’t keep my hands off it anymore. Laptop fits so well on top of me. From News at Five to News at Eleven, I’m still hittin’. Energy level off-da-chizain, no signs of slowing down. Yeah. I…

Oops! My bad! Writeagra got me trippin’, boy.

So…um…a-nee-way, I’ll make an effort to post to this thing more often. As long as I’m high on a nice dose of Writeagra, my litbido will keep me “up”…for hours…tappin’ it…

The keyboard, that is.

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