Black Writers Reunion – 2006

Damn, feel like I haven’t posted since the LL Cool J Kangol and too-tight Puma sweatsuit wearin’ days. I definitely need to get better at blogging.

But, then again, I was away for 6 months, supporting this war on terrorism and all, doin’ my part. Got back two weeks ago, so I’m somewhat rusty.


I had the pleasure of attending my first BWU in Dallas last weekend. Flew in on Saturday afternoon, left Monday morning, had one good a** time in between. Finally got to meet people behind the emails and man! Talk about flawless! Everyone I met could’ve strutted down a Ms. Black Universe runway.

But that ain’t what I’m writing this fo’…

Tia Shabazz, an obvious project coordinator extraordinaire, did an excellent job. All the presenters were well versed and shelled out helpful info for all. I was truly impressed.

Hopefully I can attend the next conference, behind the podium maybe? We’ll see…


Just remembered sumn’: If you’re an author–and you have published credits and writing credentials under your belt–DO NOT BE MODEST! I have said publication credits, but when folks asked if I was a writer, I wasn’t quick to let people know much about my background. Yeah, I said I was a writer, but didn’t list my accomplishments. In other words, being modest.

What the hell for? I got skills–and I should be able to talk about it. A writers conference is NOT the place to be humble. Lesson learned.

Also got the pleasure of seeing my agent Mondella Jones again after 3 years. We discussed a course of action for one of my manuscripts, and I must say, although I have to revise and rewrite A-gain, I agree with what we talked about. That’s the name of the game and I’m willing to do what it takes to polish my manuscript, no matter how long. Gotta take care of my baby, right?

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2 Responses to Black Writers Reunion – 2006

  1. onecoolhoney says:

    Hey! It was such a pleasure to meet you finally. And thanks for the compliment about my organizational skills! LOL @ Kangol and Puma. See, you wrong for that! But I’m glad you found things to your liking! Yeah, there were some beautiful sistas at this conference. What was that about!? LOL!

    And yes I agree on that course of action on that manuscript. But then I tried to tell you that HOW MANY years ago??? HMMM! It’s okay. I won’t clown you about it! Just fix it! 🙂

  2. Rose says:

    That you for visiting my blog. That’s a conference I would love to attend and plan to do so next year.

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