New Article "Nig-huh?"

My music makes me cringe sometimes. Especially at work.
Well, imagine preparing for Monday morning madness at your desk. It’s just another day on the job–the same ole’ same ole’, nothing special. To help drive 9-to-5 hours along, you grab your IPOD. Screw the CDs for now. Your new favorite gadget can shuffle your favorite jams in party-mode rotation all day.
While fidgeting with the pint-sized DJ system, your supervisor stops by to rap a little morning small talk. You know, the “how was your weekend” stuff.
With your thumb on the IPOD play button, you reply, “Nothing big. Just a little–”
But then…
“‘Cause some niggas ain’t nuttin but bitches! I be killin’ mutha–”
So much for small talk. Ain’t nothin’ like a spitfire of N and B-words to kill that.
Panic kicks in. While banging fingers against the monitor, scrambling to kill X-rated babble blasting from five-inch speakers, a hard frown sets on your supervisor’s pink face. Kind of a strange look, actually. Somewhere stuck between shock, surprise, humiliation—-maybe even disgust.
You turn the volume knob to drop “bitches” and “niggas” to hush level, but then your supervisor steps away, shaking his head.
And you didn’t even hear how his weekend went.
This ever happen to you? Well, if you bump today’s Rap music, it probably has…

Are you a Rap fan who thinks the lyrics are too offensive? Let’s Discuss it!

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2 Responses to New Article "Nig-huh?"

  1. Sylvia Hubbard says:

    I love music. I don’t mind rap. LL Cool J is my fantasy man and he brought me to the realization that i could listen to rap when he penned the words, I Need Love.

    Rap, to me, was a new creative expression. Key word here: EXPRESSION.

    Yet today rap has taken on a new “thing” or maybe a new meaning that I may have missed. There’s no cause, there’s no emotion. Just angry people spitting in a microphone. I don’t care that they call the women bitches or yelling out Niggars, but for me there’s no meaning in what they are expressing. I would like to hear someone actually use rap to deliver a message, make me feel something, represent something!

    They say if we don’t stand for nothing, we’ll fall for anything, and to me rap ain’t doing its job. Its not expression anything to me.

    BTW, great blog James. Kisses and misses from Detroit.

  2. SuniStar says:

    Nice blog…I smiled when you discussed your slight embarrassment…I too have had such an incident, so I have resorted to listening to jazz at work, so not to be deemed offensive…:)

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